Budapest Folk Fest

Budapest Folk Fest

Folk is a deep well nourishing several other genres; it is immensely rich, personal, simple and tolerant. We do not wish to define this genre, nether do we aim to tell what belongs under the notion of “folk”. We are just glad for having been able to offer a chance every spring since 2010 for everyone to have their own choice from a rich inventory of music.

Budapest Folk Fest
Folk delicacies in the city
2017. May, 24-28.
Locations: Fonó Music Hall, Várkert Bazár - Castle Garden Bazaar
You don’t have to say much about the good things in life - like: the taste of coffee in the morning, the comfort of your favorite pair of jeans, the neighbor girl’s smile, spring’s gentle smell, the color of your bicycle, a passage from your favorite book, the trees in the park, murmuring in the corner coffee shop, or the sound of your child breathing. These things exist, we know their history, their colors, sounds and atmosphere; nothing can take their place. We hope that Budapest Folk Fest joins this group of good things as it steps into its seventh year.

The festival has achieved everything and maybe even more than its founders had in mind when they started it. The event has become essential on the Hungarian festival market - every year Budapest Folk Fest is proud to open the summer festival season. In years past the several day event has presented everyone in Hungarian folk and world music – carrying on the good name of the old guard, giving prestige and an important boost to youngsters new on scene.

Join us and immerse yourself in this five day experience!

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Fonó Music Hall

3 Sztregova u. H-1116 Budapest,

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